Corporate Nutrition and Wellness

High rates of chronic disease among the American workforce hinder business. The four most expensive health conditions to U.S. employers are: high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes and obesity – these conditions have one common denominator: INFLAMMATION.


Healthcare costs are taking a proportionally larger slice out of businesses profits. Most of these costs are associated with reacting to health related issues instead of preventing the issues in the first place. Implementing a program that can help substantially reduce these costs is a necessary consideration for the financial profitability of the organization and the sense of value of the employee(s).


Eating was designed to deliver superior health. This program restores deficiencies while reinforcing the bodies ability to heal and move toward its highest level of function from a foundational level. It’s no secret that healthier people work harder and smarter – and, not to mention, are happier. 


This program emphasizes prevention and maintenance over damage control and repair. I will assist your employees in educating and maintaining an optimized level of superior health. The key to outstanding personal health and vitality is to make gradual and consistent lifestyle changes. Kim Shackleford Nutrition, LLC is here to provide your company with the tools to build their comprehensive wellness strategy with a deeper insight – utilizing one-on-one individualized monthly meetings.


Allow us to support, inspire, create and build a dynamic workforce while employees reconnect to their health!

The Program – “For Patient Participants”

  • 3 Month Upfront Guidance –A Step-by-Step Approach
  • 1 Initial One-on-One Meeting 1 Hour
  • Introduction and Overview of Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Establishing patterns of thought to staying emotionally tied , motivated to the action behind your goal of optimal health: setting attainable goals, resetting yourself
  • Understanding Food Quality
  • Recommended Food Lists
  • Product lists, websites  & links to sources for purchasing products and education
  • Quick Snack Ideas & Recipes
  • Kitchen Tool List
  • Meal Plan Day(s) 1-90 with Recipes for each meal (divided into three sections; via emailed links)
  • Measurements and Body Fat Analysis for tracking
  • (1) 30-minute one-on-one meeting per month
  • Monthly food journals for strategic suggestions to overcome obstacles, motivate and encourage for increased compliance, benefits of nutrition with specific health topics, clear solutions and understanding of snacks ,deciphering the abundance of marketing and choices at the grocery store, questions and answers.  creating strategic supplement protocol.
  • Results Meeting  With Body Fat, Blueprint For Continued Success

Popular Monthly Topics

  • FATS

Benefits for Employees

  • Overall Health
  • Confidence and compliance
    • Through education
    • Through support
  • Increase in Energy
  • Increase inProductivity
  • Cost Savings
    • Lower Co-Pays
    • Less Medications

Benefits for Corporations

  • Cost Savings
    • Insurance premiums
  • Increased Productivity
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
    • Showing focus and value to employees
  • Happier Employees

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