Nutrition Plans & Packages



OPTION 1 - One Month Wellness Foundations Package

  • Initial 90 min comprehensive consultation covering the foundational concepts of your specific Nutrition needs, recommendations and plan at BCP
  • 2 (20 minute) virtual follow up appointments, telephone, skype or facetime
  • Complete Individualized Nutrition and Supplementation Protocol (supplementation is an additional fee) based on deficiencies, conditions and goal of client.
  • Email consultation for maximum effectiveness

OPTION 2 - Three Month Intensive Wellness Partnership

  • Initial 90 min comprehensive consultation covering the foundational concepts of your specific Nutrition needs, recommendations and plan at BCP
  • 2 (20 minute) virtual follow up appointments, telephone, skype or facetime
  • Complete Individualized Nutrition and Supplementation Protocol (supplementation is an additional fee) based on deficiencies, conditions and goal of client.
  • Email consultation for maximum effectiveness
  • 90 minute initial comprehensive consultation
  • One (30 minutes) Follow up question and Answer virtual meeting
  • Emails for optimal effectiveness
  • Introduction and overview of nutrition fundamentals
  • Ebook 90 meal plan day with recipes for each meal (divided into 3 sections) emailed through links includes:
  • Motivational steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Understanding food quality
  • Recommended food lists
  • Product lists, websites & links to sources for purchasing products and education
  • Quick snack ideas & recipes
  • Kitchen tool list
    • Monthly food journals including effective strategies to overcome obstacles, motivate and encourage for increased compliance, information regarding the benefits of nutrition with specific health topics, clear solutions and understanding of snacks, deciphering the abundance of marketing and choices at the grocery store, common questions and an- swers.
    • Create individualized strategic supplement protocol (supplementation is additional based on deficiencies, conditions and goal of client)
    • Final 30 Minutes meeting including your Blueprint for Continued Success

OPTION 3 - Three Month Mind-Body Recovery Partnership

This package is intended for people who are new to recovery and are interested in a total mind and body reset. There will be a protocol created through my having a con- sultation with your therapist to support your individual recovery plan and needs. Nutri- tion is a critical part of recovery especially upfront where bio chemical imbalances are at their highest. Supporting these major deficiencies with amino acids are especially valuable as the building blocks to neurotransmitters and being closely tied to addic- tive behavior. Also, essential fatty acids are integrated to reduce the inflammatory load, boost brain function and mood, balance blood sugar, and give foundational sup- port for producing every hormone. The idea is to flood the brain and body with nutri- ents giving the client a much higher chance of maintaining long term recovery.


After the initial Phase 1, Phase 2 specifically targets a deeper strategy for increasing immune, healing your inner microbiome and intestinal permeability.

Stress Management Package

It has been long believed that low mood, and nervousness are as a result of an imbalance of chemicals (particularly serotonin and norepinephrine) in your brain. There is increasing evi- dence, however, that depression is actually linked to a low-grade chronic inflammation in your body. The brain and blood stream are affected by inflammation in your body. These symptoms and the gut brain connection are complex and so is the way our bodies interact with foods. The gut and brain have a steady ability to communicate via the nervous system, hormones, and the immune system.

It is imperative to understand the correlation between therapeutic whole food nutrition and the significant impact it has to increase vitality. There are extremely damaging effects on the gut microbiome creating vulnerability to emotional symptoms through eating refined foods.

  • Protocol will target low energy, fatigued, worry, panic, despondency, brain fog, dullness to life, ADHD and sleep issues.
  • I develop a safer and long term protocol with nutritional interventions, micronutrients and individualized targeted supplementation support without the harmful side effects.
  • 1 hour session with detailed client protocol, supporting deficiencies that influence brain chemistry. This guided process is effective and will develop its own momentum to thrive.
  • One 30 minute virtual follow up session
  • Education sheets: a simplified understanding of how inflammation, the gut brain and immune have a connection that is affecting your mood.
  • Discuss, Pinpoint and remove triggering foods
  • Adding supportive foods
  • Reducing toxic exposure
  • Supporting Detoxification pathways
  • Balance, nourish and increase gut flora

Reset Restore Detoxification Protocol

  • Detoxification is the way the body heals and repairs itself. It is an internal cleansing process that takes place continually and naturally if it is not inhibited. In our modern world, it is not easy to avoid toxins, 80,000 toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. Pre- scription drugs, chemicals, heavy metal exposure, air and water pollution, processed food, bacterial & parasite overgrowth becomes a cesspool of waste and creates a toxic load or build up which our bodies can’t catch up to the demand placed on it. These toxins get stored in your liver and fat cells. A healthy liver function is necessary for an efficient metabolism, releas- ing weight, and balancing hormones.
  • Initial 60 minute meeting to explain the metabolic cleanse formulated to revitalize the body and its detoxification capabilities. During the meeting we complete a toxicity as- sessment, which determines your individualized level of need above and beyond the Detoxification kit and program.
  • Science based easy to follow 15 day metabolic cleanse (gentle effective full program)
  • One 30minute phone consultation is scheduled during the cleanse Calls provide sup- port and guide you through the program.
  • The base cleansing diet, targeted to digestive, liver and gut support is packaged in an easy to use program. Supplements and protein drinks are included unless we access something additional is needed based on toxic load.
  • You will also receive an anti-inflammatory diet plan with educational handouts on topics such as: foods that naturally cleanse the body, how to shop and incorporate superfoods that support the liver, consistent cleansing practices, how to avoid environmental toxins, and solutions for clearing the detoxification pathways moving forward. Client can con- tinue the cleanse for additional time to boost the reduction in inflammation and to fur- ther clear detox pathways.


Grocery store shopping support 45 minutes

Any Additional Follow up or testing Meetings

Includes a 60 minute meeting and continued partnership with additional support and ac- countability as well as learning about more advanced health topics. This will help you achieve a deeper understanding of how to increase your body’s strength’s and needs as a way to evolve into a higher level of health and wellbeing. This meeting will also be a follow up to make modifications to a previous protocol.

Exercise Training Regimen

Exercise is one of the most successful treatment strategies for those with stress, low mood , and nervous energy, and ADHD. Strength training improves insulin sensitivity, improves cognitive function, lowers inflammation , boosts metabolism, will help you decrease body fat, maintain bone mass, and prevent age related muscle loss. Progressive resistance train- ing and HIIT is proven to reduce these symptoms, improve sleep by increasing blood flow to the brain, releasing mood boosting chemicals like endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine, increase production of neurotransmitters such as GABA through new neurons, as well as buffering the effects of stress.


I will design a workout regimen to your level including progressive resistance, functional and plyometric /interval training using a guided basis for understanding form and technique, increased intensity and conditioning to assist you in your own training.

Functional Testing to be determined once Phase 1 foundational elements have been com- plied with and tracked.

MRT Testing

  • Mediator Release Testing (MRT) Testing screens 170 different foods and chemical sub- stances. This test is shows a reaction by white blood cells releasing “mediators” which are chemical weapons. When these chemical weapons are released by mechanisms by your immune system you feels symptoms.
  • MRT’s technology is more sophisticated, it’s able to show you the amount of inflamma- tion (caused by the chemical weapon release) that your body experiences in the pres- ence of the foods and chemicals being tested. This is something that ALCAT can’t do be- cause of the limits of their outdated technology.
  • MRT is able to quantify how much inflammation each food and chemical produces in your body… and it shows you this by depicting bar graphs next to each food/chemical. This provides a much clearer picture on which foods to start with (to reduce the most amount of inflammation/symptoms in the least amount of time).
  • MRT is done with a blood draw mailed to the lab. Once your results are back I will review which foods you are reactive to ranging from low ,medium and high reactivity. This is a phone appointment to review results and a protocol of how to implement the diet and reintroduction of foods.

Gastrointestinal Panel

  • This expanded panel measure the overall health and function of the gastrointesti- nal tract non-invasively with up to 22 separate diagnostic and screening tests of stool and saliva samples.
  • Pathogen screening for bacteria, yeast, and various parasites.
  • Digestion-related screens for enzyme levels and immunochemical markers for sensitivity to common offending foods.
  • Intestinal function markers to evaluate irritation and inflammation; markers indicate over- all status of gut immunity and integrity, such as occult blood.
  • Convenient, at home noninvasive sampling using saliva and stool
  • Improved wellness, GI complaints can be identified and resolved

Adrenal Stress Profile

  • The Adrenal Stress Profile assessed from saliva samples. Four saliva samples are collect- ed at home over a 24 hour period. The test assesses the body’s free circulating, biologi- cally active hormones, cortisol and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).
  • This shows how well the body is coping with emotional, physical and chemical stresses. Symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, fears, fatigue, ‘brain fog’, lack of drive are asso- ciated with imbalances in cortisol and DHEA.
  • The Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile includes the above as well as secretory IgA (SigA) which is assessed from saliva. Measuring levels of SigA can provide the link be- tween gut disorders and systemic illness. SigA production is greatly influenced by aging, antibiotics, intestinal infection, chronic alcohol intake, maldigestion, malabsorption, NSAIDs and chronic stress levels.

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