Nutrition Plans

Athletic Performance Nutrition    $145.00


Fueling athletic performance can vary greatly based on bio individual needs, goals, and type of requirements and demands of the specific sport. There are necessary nutrients that have an overall impact on optimal health. I will develop a strategy through whole nutrient dense foods and supplementation for increasing performance, reducing inflammation, optimizing healing, recovery and repair while aligning nutrient timing. I will create an entire program based on the principle that optimum fitness is not possible without underlying foundational health. We will boost your output, change your body composition, through balanced hydration, blood sugar, minerals, fatty acids and addressing digestion, increasing energy production, optimizing gastrointestinal Flora, restoring immune function and eliminating deficiencies and dysfunction. I will identify and create your individual protocol utilizing meticulous research, planning and implement everything you need to bridge the gap to success.

Nutritional Plan (Healing & Weightloss)   $145.00


The Power is in the overall approach. This program works by addressing the underlying Issues of weight gain through information that is not addressed and completely overlooked by mainstream healthcare. Losing weight is a great “side effect” and benefit of your body working optimally healthy, each system working synergistically. It is not just about a calorie deficit or working out. If these underlying issues are not corrected it can be extremely difficult for some people to lose weight due to hormone imbalances even on a quality diet and exercise regimen. I will give you the tools you need so that you can improve your own health in a plain and useful way. The following issues may inhibit your weight loss. I will help you identify and correct:



3-month Follow-up Appointment  $90.00


To transform we must track our progress and overcome any obstacles. This follow up session is a lateral meeting to show you how much you have done to empower yourself already. You hold the answers. I will help uncover and guide you to continually evolve.  I will set up the framework and  through this process you will create health, wellness and  longevity. The food you put in your mouth today becomes the body you live in tomorrow. I am excited to help you be successful.

Grocery Shopping  $65.00


This is a service that you will use for the rest of your life. It is a foundational key in your success of changing the way you view food and the choices you make when putting things in your shopping cart. This little 1 hour excursion is fun and takes all the guessing out of what is nutritious and what’s not! I will help you prioritize your budget toward whats most important! You will learn how to read labels, how to recognize those dangerous and addicting food additives you must avoid, when and what you need to purchase organically, and what areas of the store to stay away from because they are nothing more than a trap to derail you and throw you back into old habits which brought you to me in the first place.

Online Appointments available for Long-Distance Clients


We live in a busy world with demanding schedules that tap of us of our precious time. This is a fast growing option for the busy person who will benefit from connecting with me through services such as Skype/Facetime or another of the many options available. You meet with me in the comfort of your own home or office and avoid the travel time to my office. It’s as simple as a call and a webcam! One-on-one consultation.