Positive effects of eating good fats and using a cyclical version of Ketosis

Mitochondria are the little powerhouses inside each of your cells that generates the majority of the bodies energy, ATP. They are responsible for programmed cell death, and signaling molecules for gene expression. So the deterioration of mitochondria results in the breakdown of bodily systems and disease. Healthy dietary fats are cleaner burning fuel than glucose. Smart fats are very important to protect the health of every single cell membrane, and to maintain the body’s electrical system.

Healthy fats are the building blocks that produce every single hormone, fatty acids provide the mechanism of proper inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses for healing effectively. They keep our insulin and blood sugar regulated, make up our cell membranes and ability to receive nutrients and hormones and signals. Saturated fats enhance our immune system and integrity of our bones. Cyclical ketosis is an anti-ag- ing and longevity booster!

Sixty percent of your brain and nervous system is made up of fat. In order for your body to function properly you have to prioritize certain high quality fats daily. Otherwise, you could suffer from cognitive decline and the very increased possibility of multiple diseases. There are so many medical studies showing the ketogenic diet is an effective diet for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and certainly for fat weight loss. I encourage you to find a balance within the “big ideas” of what your plate should really look like at each meal. Each person is a bio individual and this may look different depending on genetic markers and other factors. It is extremely important to understand where you feel your very best!

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