The Healthy Self-Chef – 90 Day Meal Plan eBook


The Healthy Self-Chef – 90 Day Meal Plan eBook (4 Parts)

By: Kim Shackleford


This eBook contains 90 days worth of recipes split into 4 sections all downloadable after purchase. You will have access to the download links after purchase. After purchase, please use the links provided to download your eBook in four parts (You will also receive the 4 download links in your order confirmation email.) We have a Free Bonus offer below.


The Healthy Chef eBook 90 Day Meal Plan Kim Shackleford



Working with clients for years, I have seen that people are always more compliant and motivated when they start to understand why they are doing something. In my e-book, you will notice that there are a lot of meal planning and recipes around healthy high-quality fats.


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