PT Plans

4-week Fitness Workout Plan    $100.00


This is for someone off site that wants to boost their own personal program to the next level. A plan based and designed around your current level of training, the type of facility and equipment you have access to, a home workout, a large fitness facility or  light commercial. This is a blueprint guide to incorporate new creativity concepts and challenging exercises as well as increased knowledge of form and technique.

Sport Specific Training & Conditioning    $60/per session


Private Studio Personal Training Implementing a safe, efficient, and effective regimen while developing skills for proper form and technique. I focus a lot on mindset because as an athlete we create our own limits in our minds…the power of belief along with the empowerment of action and Effort keeps us surpassing our own expectations! I utilize Super Slow Resistance Training Technique. Using momentum and gravity to move the weight is not going to force your muscles to do all the work. I ask my clients if it makes sense to unload the muscle to develop strength and speed? I incorporate Plyometrics and Functional training that are position and movement specific. Workouts are strategically geared toward a certain sport to provide more stamina in all muscles while building strength. Upper and Lower body Strength to propel, to maintain a position or defend against opponents. Plyometrics and agility exercises are geared toward fast reflexes and reaction time. Functional Training is incorporated to work core and stabilizer muscles and in maintaining lean muscle that will not hinder performance. Explosive Power, Power Endurance, or a combination with strength endurance is a winning combination.

6-week Fitness Training & Nutritional Protocol


The initial focus for most people is to set a goal and meet it. However, it is quickly discovered that the pieces to their puzzle do not add up! I’ll help you escape the frustrations of the “Magical Diet”, exhaustion of confused information and help you discover a lasting transformation. All of which stems from a holistic background and 15 years of  personalized training. It starts with understanding this is a process – an ongoing evolution in mindset, empowering you to achieve lasting results. The quality is found not only in a very strategic exercise program but also seeking out and accessing where the missing links are for you nutritionally. I place an immeasurable value on your mindset and thoughts a long the journey! This is a submersion course toward optimal health and I will be here for accountability, motivation and ongoing support. I am here for questions, passion, enthusiasm, overcoming obstacles, and eventually it becomes all the tools you need TO ENCOMPASS THE POWER OF YOUR OWN ENVIRONMENT!

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