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I am a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and addresses the foundations which include digestion, blood sugar, minerals, fatty acids and hydration. My approach will restore deficiencies and reinforce the client’s ability to heal and to remove anything that impedes the body moving toward its best functioning.

Corporate Nutrition & Wellness

I incorporate many facets of super slow resistance training, plyometrics and functional training techniques to promote a much broader range of wellness. By integrating a blend of nutrient-dense foods with specifically designed supplementation, my approach aims to provide necessary physiological foundations, increasing endurance, speed and power while optimizing growth, repair and restoration.

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By Kim Shackleford

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About Kim

My philosophy is integrating life experiences with a blend of dietary and fitness theories to create a completely balanced program. The focus being not just on losing weight and having a lean physique, but a place of deeper insight for you to make true lifestyle changes.


A graduate from Nutritional Therapy Association to become a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. In addition, I am Certified GAPS Practitioner and utilizes Functional lab testing to evaluate the status of how the physiology of the body is functioning. Click below to see a full list of my certifications and services.

My Mission

Emphasizing a whole food and supplementation to restore deficiencies and nutritional imbalances for a client’s comprehensive health. The end result being a client’s body functioning properly and seeking its own ideal weight! I have a “no limits set” approach to finding the pivotal place for change in a client’s mental, physical and emotional journey.

My Passion

When my son, Kanaan, was born with Down syndrome, he had many medical issues specific to Down syndrome. One being AVSD open heart surgery specific to trisomy 21. This was the spark that ignited a place inside me to gradually move incrementally through different learning resources to be proactive in Kanaan’s, my own and my clients’ health.

Contact Information

Kim Shackleford Nutrition, LLC
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612
Telephone: 919.427.5946

Mood and Sleep Disorders

The underlying issues with mood and sleep disorders are chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, decreased methylation, intestinal permeability ( leaky gut) and environmental toxins.

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